Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A hurricane, of course.

So I just got internet back at my place after two and a half days without. Turns out the phone wires were corroded from moisture and needed to be repaired. The two technicians from Lime were super sweet and stayed nearly a half hour after their shift was over to fix the problem.

But my joy might be short-lived, as I'm likely to spend the next two days without power. We have a tropical storm heading for us that's supposed to hit tomorrow, which may or may not develop into hurricane Isaac before it leaves the islands. I've got my two, big jugs of clean water, some canned soup, beanie weenies and Sterno fuel to warm them up. Time for the critters and I to hole up and wait the storm out.

So far dives have gone well. Had a giant, five foot barracuda scare the ever living daylights out of me this morning when I looked up from collecting data and saw it hovering a foot from my face. Those guys are so creepy. They won't bite, they just follow you, like a big, toothy shadow.


  1. Oh, dang! Hurricanes are no fun - but they are an awesome, impressive force of nature. Hunker down, stay safe, and maybe try to get some good pics when it's safe to. (Also, I'm sure the 'cuda was frightening, but I hope you'll forgive me that my first thought was, "Whoa! How incredible! I'd love to see that!" Glad it didn't bite you, though.)

    1. It is cool, but they're so damn creeeeepy! You never see or hear them coming and then suddenly you look up and see a mouthful of teeth.

  2. Hurricanes are crazy, good luck! I know how scary they may be.