Monday, May 16, 2011

Itchy all over.

This is the result of having to sleep with my windows open for just three nights:

Ditto for the left leg and my back. My roommates? Hardly a bite between them. I don't know why the bloodsuckers love me so much. My blood type is hardly a delicacy; A+ is practically plebeian! I have such awful reactions to the mosquitoes down here, it's downright miserable.

Come to think of it, though, I need to redo my blood typing test. The last time I did one I came up with very difficult to interpret results on the Rh antigen portion. Maybe I am A- after all, and at 7% of the population that would explain why mosquitoes consider me such a tasty treat.


  1. Jeez, can't you get a net or screen or something? D:

  2. Yikes! That looks itchy. You should definitely look into a net, if you can.