Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aaaand relax!

This is my favorite time on island. No classes, no stress, just watching lots of movies and TV on my laptop, surrounded by friends' animals that I'm petsitting, and watching the waves on the beach from my porch. I only ever stay for August breaks, and this time last year I was moving into a new apartment and had my family coming down, so it was less relaxing. My mom is coming down on Saturday, but that's much less hectic than four people (mom, grandma, aunt and cousin). And since we got all of the tourist-y type stuff out of the way last time, we can just chill and relax this time.

To be honest, with a whole week to myself I'll probably be completely batshit bored by Wednesday. I'm not the sort of person suited to long periods of idleness. I'll wind up deep cleaning my whole apartment (on my to-do list anyway). I'm also offering a fish ID training session for the AR Project members still on island where I'm going to take them snorkeling and I'll point out fish and have them try to identify them with these nifty flashcards my PI let me borrow.

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