Thursday, August 2, 2012

Silly but useful post.

I have to share this link. It's got suggestions for simple household frustrations made easy. I've already done two of them - the painted keys, for my cat sitter to easily tell which key goes to what, and the ziplock baggie full of vinegar for the showerhead.

See? No scrubbing required.
The split toilet paper roll for wrapping paper is genius, and I am totally doing the shoe organizer for cleaning products thing when I move back to the States. And I'm going to clean out a lotion bottle to use for my keys and cell phone this weekend during my dive. That's brilliant.

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  1. An added note on cleaning the shower head - the solution doesn't need to be pure vinegar. A 50/50 mix or even and 80(water)/20 mix is plenty strong and saves you on vinegar.