Thursday, August 9, 2012

About that time.

Finals begin next Monday and I feel completely unprepared as always. Let myself get way too behind in Toxicology and DI. Luckily I only need a 52% and 42% on those finals, respectively. I need a ridiculous 20% on Anesthesiology, so that's going to be my "cram the night before the exam" class this semester. The class I'm worried about is Small Animal Medicine I (SAM I) because I need a 63% on the final and the subject matter is mostly neurology, which is not easy and highly detail oriented.

I am excited that I get to spend a week goofing off with my mom soon. That's going to be a blast.

Unfortunately my break is going to be a little bit marred by the fact that the only other member of the Artificial Reef Project who is signed off on data collection and staying over break just broke up with his girlfriend and is moving back to the U.S. (he was a VIP of one of the students). That means I am the sole member of the project capable of doing data collection who will be on island, which means I am now responsible for completing twelve dives over break. It's going to be exhausting, but I feel silly complaining about it when my PI did all of the dives herself for month-long stretches in the beginning of the project before anyone was signed off on data.

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