Thursday, August 2, 2012


A new student security report: "At about 00:30am on Sunday 29th July a student was robbed of her wallet and cell phone at her front door just before entering her apartment. There was no threat or weapon involved and no physical harm to the student."

I have to warn anyone who would try to rob me without a weapon... I'm over six feet tall and 200 lbs, and my husband has taught me a few ways to put down an attacker quickly and involving a lot of pain. I carry mace everywhere with me, and when my back is turned unlocking my door when I get home after dark, it is in my other hand and my finger is on the button. Your attempted robbery is not going to end well for you.


  1. New York police safety training in one hour says "Never fight for property" about 100 times. My krav maga instructor gave up a bundle of cash she was carrying out of class one night. She could have sliced the guy up every way you can think of, but she knows sometimes there's a weapon or an accomplice that might come out if she put up a fight. Krav maga drills start with the premise of a life-or-death situation, not property crime. You can always get another iphone or car but not your life! take care!

    1. And if they had a weapon, I would give them what they wanted. But no weapon? You're getting a face full of mace and I'm running.