Sunday, August 5, 2012

How'd you find me?

I figure every so often I'll compile the funniest phrases that have been put into a search engine and led to this blog. Some of these are downright hilarious.

ggsaaavhh - Oookay. I don't even really have a comment for this one, I'm honestly just stumped.

let me eat the sushi with my blood on it - I had to Google this one myself, because it amused me so much. Apparently there is a viral video of a little Asian kid screaming this.

"vet school" and girls with testicles - That is a very specific fetish you have there.

hemolytic anemia comic - In what way is hemolytic anemia funny?

 diuretic meme - What? I don't even...

 "julie lada" vet - I originally chose this one because I loved the fact that my name was in scare quotes. As though that was in doubt or something. I found out that this search was actually by a friend trying to find my blog, and if you put a phrase in quotations into Google it's because you want that exact wording.

swim team blood type a - Someone is a creepy stalker and knows way too much about me.

blog about my cat - Hey! Okay, yeah. I blog about my cat a lot. Guilty.


  1. I found you via the blogroll at the Blag Hag, before she moved to Free Thought Blogs. (I still read her at the new site; I just visit the old site to go through the blogroll and see what's new.)

    I'm sure I've been reading your blog for over a year now... probably should bookmark it and come directly over! lol

    1. Don't worry about it, I do the same thing.

  2. Someone came to my blog via a search for "farts you can't trust them" So of course I posted a blurb and photo with that title so now if anyone ever searches that in the future they'll be sure to find my blog.

    Of course, all dog owners know that farts can sometimes make you think there's been an "accident," and then after you get out of bed with your flashlight and look all over you realize it was just a fart, so no, you really can't trust them!

    1. Lady, for some reason my spam filter hates you. All of your comments wind up there and I have to fish them out.