Sunday, March 31, 2013


Last night was Green semester's banquet. It was an amazing night out at Spice Mill on the very tip of the peninsula with amazing views of Nevis and the stars over the ocean. We were all decked out in our finest. Most of the girls had their hair and nails done at the Pink Daisy salon over cocktails and gossip earlier that day. Seriously, it was like Steel Magnolias up in there. I did three of my friend's make up for them before doing my own. I wish my eyeshadow had come out better in pictures. It was a seriously gorgeous, intense, green smokey eye, and I received a bunch of compliments on it all night long.

I danced, I had a few cocktails, and I had a great time with amazing friends. We had a slide show of our baby pictures. Superlatives were awarded, and I received, "Most likely to be arrested for a hate crime against a holistic vet." Not gonna lie, I'll own that one. There was a fireworks display, which if you've never seen fireworks in a place with virtually no light pollution, it's a spectacle. I got teary-eyed standing there among my classmates, so close to never seeing most of them ever again, all of us staring up at the sky. It was one of those moments where I realize that I don't care how expensive it was, or how much time it took away from being with my husband, I would not trade this experience for anything.

Oh, and my dress was fabulous.

Me and Jeananne
Angie, Jess, Elly and me.
The Rossie crew headed to University of Illinois for clinics!
Too bad this photo came out blurry. My SOAPing group this semester.
Me and Michelle! By this point in the evening my hair was sweaty from dancing.
Courtney and me.
Tricia, Laura, Jess, Mia, Vanessa and me.
This one's kind of hilarious. I was telling Angie not to take my picture.

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