Sunday, February 24, 2013

A poll.

I have a question to ask.

I have a +1 for banquet. Neither my husband nor my mom can come. I'm probably just going to give it away to someone else in my class who has family coming down. But a thought popped in my head...

My best friend of almost 10 years is going through a rough patch. She's unemployed, she's going through health insurance struggles to get access to medication she needs, her husband just had a death in the family, and she just found out her dad has cancer.

When thinking about people I'd like to have with me on banquet night, she's definitely in my top five. There's no way she could afford to come, though. And as much as I'd like to buy her a plane ticket and treat her to a weekend in the Caribbean, I can't afford it right now due to costs associated with moving back to the U.S.

I realized that a lot of people are turning to online help these days for this sort of thing, and thought that maybe I'd do something similar. Set up a donation account or something. It would only take two dozen people donating $25 to get her here, and then I could cover the rest with food, lodging and transportation.

If I set up something like that, how many of you would HONESTLY donate? You can leave an anonymous comment on this post. Only reply if you would donate, please.


  1. I would donate. Sounds like your friend is in need of a break. Yes I'm broke too but sometimes you just gotta reach out. If I hadn't had pple reach out to me...I wouldn't be at Ross in the first place.

  2. I would donate. Everyone needs a break and some help every so often.

  3. I would, might not be very much though

    1. Any little bit is appreciated. I'm waiting to hear back on whether she has a passport before I set something up.

  4. I would donate. Don't know how much I could do, but she sounds like she could use it more than I could right now.