Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And on, and on, and on...

Still keep all your hands and feet inside the vehicle, kids! 7th isn't slowing down anytime soon.

This past weekend was particularly brutal. I had the FCP spay day from 8am-3pm on Saturday, a meeting with my Grand Rounds group at 5pm, an exam on Monday to study for, and a three hour long clinical pathology rotation on Monday with nine assigned cases to read through, interpret the CBC/chemistry/urinalysis/etc. for, and come up with three Ddx and any other tests we want to run. I was pretty much ready to drop dead by Monday afternoon, but nope! Gotta keep going, because I had to prepare two anesthesia protocols for this Thursday and Friday.

Spay day was super fun, though. I spayed two cats and neutered four more. My third spay turned out to have already been spayed at some point (even though we didn't see a scar). So that was disappointing, but a good learning experience because the surgeon I was paired with showed me how to reassure myself that there really wasn't a uterus in there.

My flight home is booked for April 20th (my mom's birthday). Mama will be joining me, which could be interesting. After that I have six weeks until my start date at University of Illinois. I had thought previously that I would take an externship, but right now I'm leaning heavily toward just resting and recollecting myself. Maybe getting a couple of NAVLE test books and the Nerd Book by Sophia Yin and go into clinics like a rock star, refreshed and ready to kick ass. I just don't see it going well for me if I rush into a four week externship and then to Illinois. As much as I feel lazy for not using six weeks off to do something beneficial for my career, I have to listen to what my body and self-awareness is telling me. And right now it's telling me, "Girl, you need to rest."

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