Sunday, February 24, 2013


There are three things that mark your time at Ross is at a close:

- 7th semester sales, where we all spread blankets on the lawn and sell our shit because we're getting out of here!
- 7th semester banquet, a night of fancy dresses, unlimited food and an open bar thrown with the money your semester has accumulated through bake sales, selling t-shirts, etc. during your time at Ross. The more money you raise, the fancier your party. Our semester has raised a ridiculous amount of money, so much so that we have extra left over for our graduation party in New York after clinics.
- Transition ceremony, where we celebrate moving into our clinical education by speeches from faculty and being awarded a pair of needle holders with our initials engraved on them.

Just got the invitation to our banquet in my email. HOLY COW GUYS, THIS IS REAL LIFE!

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