Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don's visit.

My husband visited last week. I'm always amazed at how quickly and easily we pick right up, as though we haven't been apart for six months. He's the only person on earth who can make me laugh until I have tears streaming down my face and I can't make any sound except a hoarse wheeze. It's also wonderful having him here because I have someone who wants to be in the water and appreciates the ocean as much as I do. Here's some photos I took on one of our snorkeling trips. I wish I'd held on to the camera for a few more days (I borrowed it) for our White House trip, because the marine life on the wreck there was pretty amazing.

My baby.

West Indian sea urchin. Don't worry, this kind is safe to touch.

Red lip blenny.

Trumpet fish and an immature French angelfish.

Porcupine fish.

We also went on a night dive that was absolutely magical. It was scary, particularly when I lost sight of Don a few times. Your field of vision is extremely limited to just within the range of your flashlight. But it was incredible, too. We saw lots of turtles, lobsters and crabs. A very small hawksbill turtle swam right up to me and came within inches of touching me. At one point we all settled to our knees in a big circle in the sand and turned off our flashlights and waved our arms around like crazy. The bioluminescent plankton lit up around us like fireflies, and for a few moments all you could see was blackness and twinkling fairy lights.

Don left yesterday. Gonna miss him terribly, but we got in some good quality time. It helped to relax me considerably right before I take my Rossie in a week.


  1. Julie, I am starting at Ross in May of next year an getting married next month! :). If you don't mind, I am interested in asking some questions about your experience. Specifically about you and your husband and the decision for him to stay in the states. My email address is easteinke at hotmail. If you don't mind sharing feel free to email me! If i have pryed too much just ignore me :). I really enjoy your blog. THANK you for taking the time to post!!


    1. Hi! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, but I just tried to email you and my gmail account didn't recognize your email address. Could you try emailing me at