Saturday, November 24, 2012

Community service.

Today I was one of two students monitoring anesthesia for the Feral Cat Project, a trap-neuter-release program here on the island. My surgery team knocked out three spays and three neuters. The surgical assistant was one of my classmates. Dr. Bogdanovic did the first spay/neuter and then turned the surgeries over to her thereafter, while he watched and jumped in to assist if she needed. I really hope to get in on a spay day early next semester and knock a few of them out myself before starting live animal surgeries for a grade.

I was very pleased that I was not the least bit dizzy or faint! Usually I get a little woozy watching surgery. Either I got over that sometime since the last time I assisted with surgery, or the Rossie procedure has trained me to view the abdomen as layers of fabric.

Two weeks until finals! Let the stress begin! I'm going in strong with B's in all three of my classes. Many of my classmates are hurting, though. Small Animal Surgery is brutal and the class average right now is 74%. Since anything below 70% is failing, that means nearly half of the class is failing SAS. I feel bad for them, but very relieved that I'm not in the same boat.

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