Friday, November 2, 2012

A whole lot of nothin'.

Not much to talk about. Blocks 2 and 3 came and went. I've done mediocre to good on them, but not excellent. It's difficult to maintain your usual grades on exams when you're studying for three of them simultaneously. Still, each class has a buffer, either through participation points or a history of being curved, so my chances of getting As are still very high.

My Rossie is in a couple of weeks. I feel like my colon is trying to crawl out of my mouth when I think about it. About a dozen people in my class have taken it so far, and I've seen about six "I PASSED!!!" Facebook statues. I'm guessing the lack of such a status is just as telling.

Don gets here in two days! I've been so distracted, I can barely think of anything else. Six months away from my husband is my limit, apparently. It's tough, it's really, really tough sometimes. This is the longest we've been apart since I moved down here.

I've scheduled a night dive for his visit. He was reluctant, because it is a bit more dangerous than a normal dive during the day. You don't swim around, you basically just sink to the bottom and hover there with a waterproof flashlight and watch as things swim around you. You do see some really cool things that only come out at night, and apparently a ton of turtles. I'm confronting two of my fears by doing this: fear of the dark and fear of not being able to see things in the water around me. It's sort of kooky, deliberately putting yourself into a situation you know will terrify you, but I'd rather face my fears in a controlled setting where I know I'm safe and other people are around to assist me if I freak out than in a situation that is completely unexpected.

Tomorrow is our semester's haunted house. I'm going to be baking cupcakes all night tonight for the cupcake decorating booth. Hopefully the kids will like what I'm doing. I'm making "rainbow" cupcakes in spooky Halloween colors (which I've made before, as pictured here), and mini chocolate cupcake "spiders" with legs of black licorice. Should be fun! I'll post lots of pics, of course.


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    1. Yeah, did an article and interviewed Dr. Goodwin about it. Without more info I can't say for sure, but Sandy had days of prior warning. The fact that they underestimated the swell size and flooding potential isn't really an excuse. They didn't run out of time, they just didn't take the proper precautions.