Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 29: Daily routine.

I may be a teeny bit neurotic about smelling nice.
I'm what my 11th grade physiology teacher called a "super smeller". I pick up scents most people don't smell, and smell them sooner (farther away from the source) than most people. I'm also really, really picky about what scents I'll wear. Choosing a new perfume usually involves several days of a narrowing down process and then going into the store at least twice to spray on a bit of the "winner" and see how much I like it after several hours of wear.

I bought the Noir Tease in Puerto Rico because I needed a cheap perfume to wear around the island to cover up the smell of sweat that you inevitably pick up living here if you spend any time outdoors, and I liked this one well enough. And I'm not wasting $100/ounce Flowerbomb on flop sweat funk.

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  1. I once smelled a gas leak from a hairline crack in the adjoining apartment's stove. My neighbor didn't smell it. The landlord didn't smell it. The maintenance guy didn't smell it. The gas company dude found it with his fancy equipment. The stove got fixed and I never smelled it again. I should hire out my nose.

    And yet, I don't think my cocker spaniels smell. Well, maybe I notice but it smells like 'home' when I open the door.