Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes I just don't even...

So we have a security report website where all of the reports made to Ross security are visible to students. Frequently it's just minor car accidents and "not feeling safe" incidents. The latter frequently confuse or frustrate me, because I feel like these people must've lived very sheltered lives back in the U.S. to find those particular situations "unsafe."

For instance, students frequently call security to report cars parked and idling outside their apartments. Not their houses, no, their apartment complexes. As if they are the only person who lives in that building or something, and the car couldn't possibly be waiting to pick someone else up. Inevitably these turn out to be taxis or friends of someone who had, wait for it, called for a ride.

But today's incident report just blew my mind...

A student who resides at Half-moon Bay reported that she saw two men with fishing rods and buckets. She stated that they seem suspicious because the sea is not close by and they were heading towards houses.
Okay, first of all, you need to know something about St. Kitts - a lot of people walk places, or hitchhike. It's fairly common to see someone walking along the side of the road with their hand out to try to wave down a ride, and a random motorist will stop and pick them up and then drop them off as close to where they're going as the driver was heading. I live in Half Moon Bay, and I frequently see people being dropped off at the end of the roundabout for the turn into my area who walk home from there. Or construction workers who are building a new villa just down the street getting dropped off and walking to work. So I wouldn't think it odd AT ALL to see a pair of fishing buddies who had been dropped off walking home with their poles and gear.

Where is this person even from that they find this threatening or suspicious? Furthermore, what must security think of us when some hysterical white girl calls to report a couple of guys walking home with fishing poles over their shoulders? I swear, man, people sometimes.

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