Thursday, July 26, 2012

Filler post.

Not much has been going on. We're three weeks out from finals, so crunch time has begun. I'm actually studying some already, which is weird for me, since usually I procrastinate until right up until the week beforehand (which is not good, don't do that).

Last Sunday my friend Laura and I decided that we both were in sore need of a girl's day at the spa, so we booked facials and pedicures at the Emerald Mist at the Marriott. Oh my god. So much awesome. One of the most thorough facials I've ever had, and the products they used smelled amazing. We had our treatments and then laid around in the steam room and sauna for awhile, and then got lunch. They gave us these little complimentary containers of sugar/salt scrub that smells incredible and I'm going to try and recreate once I get my hands on the supplies. I also bought a few bath bombs, which I plan on using after finals to relax. Bottle of wine + hot bath + movie playing on my laptop, sounds like a plan.

The spa also had this incredible iced tea that had a very mild mint flavor, but not peppermint (which I can only tolerate so much of due to the strong medicinal, menthol flavor). Instead it was black tea and spearmint, and I drank two cups before asking about which brand they used. I went out and bought two boxes of Bigelow "Plantation Mint" and have already gone through an entire pitcher of iced tea since yesterday. It's sweetly minty and very refreshing on hot days here. I am completely addicted.

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