Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Juan food tour.

So this is what I've been looking forward to for months. A food tour that caters to people who don't want to eat at super fancy, high end restaurants on vacation. No. Gimme the hole in the wall, side street grill type places that serve mostly locals. This was the food tour for me.

Normally I hate pina coladas. I don't like super sweet drinks, and I also hate "fake" tasting premixes. This was a gorgeous, silky blend of fresh coconut and DonQ local rum.
Chicharrones con pollo and amarillos (yellow plantains). The chicharrones were incredible. That amarillos were okay, but I'm a fan of green, starchy plantains over the yellow, sweeter ones.
Risotto with calabaza (green pumpkin) and shrimp. Honestly, the best risotto I've had in years. Not too runny, not too underdone, just sticky and delicious.
Mojito. Not my favorite drink, but it was good.
Just beans and rice but damn, it was tasty.
Mofongo con pollo. NOM!
Profiteroles with chocolate rum sauce and vanilla ice cream. A little generic and not very thrilling, but the cafe con leche that we had with it was pretty good.

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