Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last day in Puerto Rico.

Our second day in PR we went to Ponce and did touristy type stuff going on tours of old buildings and such. We stopped at a lechonera - a grill where they serve pork that has been roasted on a spit ALL DAY and is super tender and delicious. We ate it with yucca root, yams, and rice and I discovered that I am in love with yucca root. Then we tried blood sausage (coagulated blood and rice inside of a pork intestine casing). It tasted good, but the texture was very mushy and unpleasant.

Me and Elly, duckfacing and throwing up a deuce.
I believe this was the St. Augusta church in Ponce.
Firestation in downtown Ponce.
The puking lion! We found this hilarious for absolutely no reason.
Brazos gitanos!!! It's a lot like pumpkin or jelly roll, but with different flavors. I loved the queso (cream cheese), guayaba (guava) and china (orange) flavors.
Lechon! Whole, roasted pig. It was delicious.
Lechon, yucca, sweet potato and rice with an ice cold Medalla Light.
Blood sausage.

My last day in Puerto Rico we went to the beach in the morning and then the Plaza las Americanas (big freaking mall) in the afternoon, where we spent way too much money at Old Navy and American Eagle and got the most amazing and thorough pedicure of my life. Then we spent the rest of the day eating street vendor, side of the road type food where Angie would just point at something and go, "Oh! You have to try that!" and we'd pull over and eat alcapurrias (meat wrapped in a mixture of plantain, yucca and yams and deep-fried), pinchos (kabobs), bacalaito (a dough made out of flour, water, salt and cod fish), tripleta (a sandwich with beef, chicken and ham). 

Now I am sitting back in my apartment, typing up all the fun I had. It was an incredible time that I'll never forget. And I believe plantain tostones and yucca are going to become staples of my diet from now on.

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