Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 13: You + 13 things.

Okay, I am allowing myself a one hour study break to calm down from my Toxicology midterm this afternoon (went well, but still stressful) before I start studying for my Diagnostic Imaging midterm tomorrow.  I look like hell having gotten 5 hours of sleep and doing absolutely nothing with my hair or make up this morning, so I'm not taking a picture of myself. So I decided to incorporate myself into this photo by making a collage of my thirteen favorite foods.

Granted, favorite foods change with mood, etc. But these 13 pretty reliably put me in a happy place.

1. Broccoli - NOM! I used to have my mom cut the stalks down to the white heart and then munch on them raw as a kid.
2. Apple dumpling a la mode. Warm, spicy goodness with melted creamy vanilla ice cream.
3. Hummus and pita. Particularly roasted red pepper hummus. And if I can make little pita finger sandwiches with the feta and olives also pictured, I am in heaven.
4. Pineapple. Any fresh pineapple will do (I HATE canned fruit and veg!) but grilled with some honey and cayenne pepper or cinnamon is delish!
5. Suuuussshhhiiiiiiii! My brain goes zombielike around sushi. I want to consume raw flesh.
6. French onion soup. Or really any soup. I love soup.
7. Olives. Balls of salty, tender goodness.
8. Snow peas! These are so good sauteed with just some olive oil, salt and pepper until lightly browned. NOM!
9. Mmm, spinach.
10. Feta cheese is just plain awesome.
11. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert. Period. And if you make it with cream cheese instead of mascarpone, I will hurt you.
12. Shrimp cocktail with a really strong, spicy horseradish sauce is nommy.

And uhhh... I swear I was numbering these as I went! I was! I dunno how I got so off. Blame it on exam brain. So here you go:

A medium rare steak with blue cheese crumbles. Good steak should never be heavily seasoned or ruined with an overabundance of sauce. A light dusting of blue cheese and maybe some sauteed mushrooms is all I want.

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