Friday, May 25, 2012

Puerto Rico!!!!

My friends and I just booked our flights to San Juan over midsemester break! SO EXCITED! My friend Angie is from Puerto Rico, so we have a guide and translator handy. She's under instructions to just put food in front of me and not even tell me what it is, and I will eat it. One stop we're definitely making is a churrascaria where she orders a "mixed grill" that includes skirt steak, ribs, kidney and sweetbreads. I've had sweetbreads before and found them really yummy, and I'm excited to try kidney.

I'm also going to dive "The Wall", a continental shelf that's supposedly one of the world's better diving spots.

Have I mentioned how EXCITED I am?! A girl's weekend in a gorgeous, tropical location eating lots of good food, drinking rum and doing the kind of silly, wild things only girlfriends on vacation can do together.

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