Sunday, May 20, 2012

Be jealous.

I promised my landlord that once I hit 7th semester, a few months before I'm due to leave St. Kitts and move back to the States, I would start advertising my apartment. I think one of the best selling features would have to be my view.

I'm situated far out in Half Moon Bay, actually in Conaree, just above the Marriott golf course and the bordering Atlantic ocean. I can hear the waves crashing up on the rocky shore of the golf course (which is why my villa is named "Beach Music"). The wind coming off of the ocean offers me a near constant cool breeze and the villa grounds are full of many different types of palm trees that keep my apartment and porch shaded.

This is the view from my porch. I love it.

I especially love the big bismark palm right in front of my bedroom. It keeps the bedroom quite a bit dimmer than the living room and kitchen, making it feel that much more sleepy and relaxing. And when it rains, big fat drops make a clacking sound when they hit the fronds. It's odd how I went from someone who needed absolute quiet in order to fall asleep to now sleeping through the sounds of surf, heavy rain on a metal roof and coqui frogs (which are quite loud for their diminutive size).


  1. Hey, your view/location look my St. Kitts apartment! Your landlady doesn't happen to be Sally Norman, is it? If so, I'm sure we could trade some stories!

    1. Nope, Tomar Waldman is my landlord.