Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home sweet home.

Don and I arrived in Spokane on Saturday afternoon after a grueling, horrible, nightmarish drive. Our rented Budget truck broke down twice. The first time the gas pedal stopped working in the middle of the highway in Wisconsin. We pulled over to the side and Don learned how to fix it on the fly and luckily it held the rest of the way to Washington. The second time was when we were driving through the crazy mountainous, winding roads of Montana and the truck couldn't get above 20-30 mph going up the hills. We were terrified we were going to start rolling back down. The winds were also insane and threatened to blow us off the side of the mountain several times.

But we're here now, and Spokane couldn't be more lovely. The people are almost eerily friendly and the area is very pretty and a good mix of quiet residential area and thriving business hub. It feels a bit like Lafayette in that way, which both Don and I miss. Our apartment complex is wonderful. It's very scenic with a pond and pine trees, and lots of flowering trees and bushes. There is also a pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts and a fitness facility. The property manager was very clear that there are very strict rules about noise after 10pm, which Don and I are very happy about given places we've lived before have had big problems with noisy neighbors. One of our neighbors has a giant St. Bernard named Otis who is the sweetest, big swishy-faced love EVER!

We flew into a whirlwind of unpacking and were done with everything by Sunday evening. I think we both just wanted it all over and done with and to have what looks like a habitable apartment so that we could enjoy the few remaining days I have left in the states in peace and comfort after the stressful ordeal we went through getting here.

We stopped in the "badlands" in North Dakota just inside of Teddy Roosevelt National Park.
A freak snow storm we hit while crossing the Rocky Mountains.
Nic seemed relatively unphased by the trip. We stopped frequently at gas stations to reheat the rice sock keeping him warm.
Coeur d' Alene is about 30 miles outside of Spokane and as you can see, absolutely gorgeous. Don and I plan on returning here to go camping at some point.
Living room/kitchen.
Living room/deck.
I love my deck! I hope I get birds coming to visit soon.
My very favorite part of our new apartment. Wood burning fireplace!!!

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