Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here we go again, part V.

This week has been pretty intense so far. Fifth semester looks like it's shaking up to be a very busy semester. Lots of clinical skills labs, anesthesia labs, diagnostic imaging labs. This is when the hands-on stuff begins. That makes me nervous, because I know I can excel at book learning and examination but whether or not I can, for instance, suture a wound, remains to be seen. However, I was a good technician when I worked in clinical practice. I had a few clients who would specifically request me for booster shots and subcutaneous fluid administration because of my technique. I'm pretty focused when given a task, but sometimes a little too much so. I can absolutely see sutures being something I get too OCD perfectionist about and taking more time than necessary because they're not perfect.

Not really much to report on other than unpacking my suitcase and cleaning like a madwoman to uncover my apartment after two weeks of cat hair has settled all over it. My birthday is next week and I've got a group of friends that I'm going out with to celebrate my 29th. One year left before my thirties. Oy vey...


  1. I laughed a little bit about your example of sutures in relation to OCD because my good friend who is a vet is VERY proud of the time she takes to get her sutures be *beautiful*!

    P.S. I finally figured out how I found your blog - through Blag Hag, who I found through Dan Savage. I think Dan Savage is the new Kevin Bacon.

    1. Haha! Well now that our apartment is in Spokane, I can actually make the trip over to Seattle and meet Dan!