Saturday, March 10, 2012

One kitten left.

Jackson went to his new home yesterday. That just leaves MJ left with me, and Mama of course but she isn't going anywhere. She's also not terribly fond of the kittens, probably because they're 5 months old and a little too big for her to recognize them as kittens. She's settled down now that it's just her and MJ but she still won't play with him yet. I'm hoping she'll get over her bitchy self soon because he's really missing his brother.

The guests who stay at the villa where I live are typically middle-aged, well off couples who are quiet, considerate and friendly. The four people staying at the villa this week are the complete opposite. They're all in their early to mid-twenties from what I can tell, loud, obnoxious and completely inconsiderate of everyone around them. They scream - and I mean that literally, they don't shout or yell, they SCREAM - incoherently at 1am. They've barely acknowledged me the couple of times we've run into each other while I'm doing laundry or walking to my car. They've rented the main house and the guest house, which is above my apartment, and are constantly slamming doors and dropping what sounds like bowling balls on the floor.

I really hope they're only staying for a week. I have never in my life met anyone so completely oblivious and uncaring about other people before.


  1. I keep meaning to comment on your blog. I have no idea how I stumbled across it, but it's been SO interesting. I'm not in the vet med field myself, but have a close friend who is a vet. Your commentary about your adventures at Ross (and related stuff - kittens, vet med philosophy, etc) is intriguing, interesting, and thought provoking. So thanks for blogging, keep it up; good luck in school - you'll be a fantastic vet!