Friday, March 2, 2012

New kittens!

PAWS went from not contacting me for months to needing a foster for three 5-month-old kittens. Of course I said yes! I emailed the feline coordinator last night to let her know that I thought I'd felt a hernia when holding one of them earlier and that I wanted to get him looked at by a vet at the adoption event on Saturday. She emailed back and said certainly, and also asked if I'd noticed any scabs on them. I said I had but I assumed they were from scratching at parasites. She told me that they were actually from a dog attack. Poor things!

They came to me with the names MJ, Stripey and something that I can't remember. I thought MJ was cute so I renamed the other two with names keeping in the King of Pop theme. The girl became Annie and the other boy became Jackson (Jax for short). They're super adorable and playful and Annie and MJ are both purr machines. Annie is the real cuddler of the group. Jax is very independent and confident. Annie slept on my legs last night and was in my face purring and cheek-rubbing the moment I woke up this morning.

Jackson is absolutely beautiful. He looks like a ragdoll, only less fluffy.

MJ on the left, Annie on the right.

Annie is a total cuddlebug.

MJ and Jackson.

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