Saturday, March 24, 2012


I got my third perfect exam score yesterday in Pathology II! I came very close in Epidemiology, as well. I only missed one question on that exam. So as things stand right now I'm heading into finals really strong with three As, one B+ and one B. I'm feeling really good about everything and as long as I don't let the next two weeks go to shit and actually spend the time reviewing old material and keeping up with the new, finals won't be the panic-inducing nightmare that they were last semester.

Today I went to the beach this morning, spent the early afternoon cleaning and doing laundry and now I'm going to settle down for the rest of the night with my Pharm II notes to do some review. I find that I study so much better when my house is in order. I cannot focus when my apartment is a mess or the dishes are piling up. It's like a corner of my brain is intrinsically tied to my apartment and a tiny voice is screaming, "Clean me!"

In recent news, my friend Jenn offered me a guest spot on her blog, Blag Hag. I wrote a post about using skepticism and science-based medicine to evaluate behavior research and training methods. You can read it here.

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