Monday, January 9, 2012


First day of fourth semester and I already feel like I'm doomed. Dr. Walker came into our Pharm II lecture this morning and opened with, "If you thought Pharm I last semester was hard, this semester is much, much harder." And I about burst into tears. No, really. My eyes welled up and I wanted to cry right there and then. Pharm I was a nightmare for me. Hearing that was like being read my death sentence.

Then later during Clinical Pathology I was completely and utterly lost. Part of it was because the version of the PowerPoint presentation that we had available online was way out of date and missing like half of the slides, and part of it was because it was just an extremely poorly put together lecture. For two reasons: 1.) She assumed way too much knowledge on our behalf. The professor assumed that because most of us had been techs we knew how to interpret blood work results. I was a tech for nearly 3 years, but I was never taught to interpret blood results. I was a trained lab monkey - put the plasma in the machine and bring the print out to the vet. Luckily I wasn't the only one that felt that the professor was being very presumptuous. 2.) Jumped around, couldn't seem to find a continuous train of thought or tie concepts together in a logical way. It was just a mess.

So yeah, I came home, stress-cleaned my apartment, made dinner that I had to force myself to choke down because my appetite was nil, and now I'm having a cocktail and going to go cry in my shower for about five minutes before reviewing today's material. Hopefully things get better.


  1. Good luck with everything! I would suggest having another cocktail if you get too overwhelmed reviewing, but...that might end up counterproductive haha.

  2. You'll do fine! I've never heard anything but great things about Clin Path there. Hang in there :).

  3. Today's lecture went a lot better. I don't know why her first lecture was so awful, but I'm feeling better about this class now. Still terrified of Pharm II, though.