Sunday, January 29, 2012

Overall badness.

So I finally experienced what most Ross students will have a taste of at some point during their stay on the island. My car/property were broken into last Thursday night. I only realized that my car had been broken into going out that morning and finding it unlocked and the visors flipped down. Nothing had been taken that I could immediately tell, most importantly the battery and tires were still intact (popular theft targets). It wasn't until I got to school that I realized that my hoodie was missing and that there was a rental key resting on the hood of my car. I figured that whoever it was had used it to trip the lock on my car. I had two exams that morning (one I got an A on and the other I'm still waiting to hear my grade), and then went home to find the tourists staying at the villa waiting for me.

It turns out that the key was to their rental car and had been stolen during a break in at the villa the night before. The robbers didn't get much - some lunchmeat, cheese, laundry detergent and a camera charger. They left the TV and DVD player. Everything about the randomness of what was stolen suggests teenagers on a thrill-seeking chase. Still, it's very disconcerting to know that there were strangers on my property while I slept. It's not a feeling that I like at all.

Also, sadly the same night, Elvis of Elvis's Love Shack on the Timothy Beach "strip" was shot and killed. Elvis was a very nice man who was always good to Ross students. Although I'm not really a party type and don't make it to the strip often, I met him a few times and he always remembered who I was. Word from my friends who hit the strip often on weekends is that he took very good care of them, often giving them water when he noticed that they'd had a little too much to drink or walking girls safely to their cars. The orientation bonfire each semester was also held at his bar. I have a picture of his bar from my own orientation here. The entire Ross community was hit hard by the news and we're working on organizing a fundraiser of some kind to help his wife and teenage son through this difficult time. It's truly a sickening and brutal loss of a very kind person.

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