Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So far, so good.

My first two exams are out of the way. I got an A on Epidemiology and a B+ on Pathology II. Neither class is especially difficult, however both involved new professors and not being familiar with their exam styles so there was some apprehension going in. Epi was completely straightforward and all of my fears over how Dr. Berezowski would write a test were completely alleviated. His clicker questions in class can sometimes be tricky, so I was afraid, but it seems like those are the way they are to make us think and talk things out whereas in an exam he's much more cut and dry. Pathology II was nerve-wracking simply due to the amount of material. Even after just two weeks, we had 10 Powerpoints with dozens of diseases to know the clinical presentations and pathogenesis of. I'm not a fan of how Dr. Castillo writes questions, as it's a format that is almost designed specifically to trip vet students up. "Which is correct: A/A & B/A, B &C..." etc. We vet students have a horrible habit of overthinking things and talking ourselves into wrong answers, and that kind of format is like a snare trap waiting to snap shut.

Mechanisms of Disease is next week, but only has 8 lectures on it, so I'm really not worried. It's looking like my only two classes of concern this semester are Pharmacology II and Clinical Pathology. I'm making sure to study those two extra hard. Clin Path is difficult in that it's mostly case-based. Exam questions go like, "A 2-year-old intact male pit bull comes into your clinic with pale gums, weakness and inappetance. Interpret the following leukogram and CBC. What type of anemia does he have? What is the most likely cause of his anemia?"

This semester we're finally learning the bare bones of how to do medicine, and interpretation and making a differential diagnosis list are stressed pretty heavily. It's pretty tough.

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