Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've been meaning for some time now to secure the screen doors in my bedroom so that I can sleep with the french doors open at night and save on A/C costs. Well I got my first electric bill yesterday (I signed the meter over into my name in September and haven't received a bill yet, so I went down to the electric company.). My bill for four months was $2,448 EC, which works out to about $900 US. So yeah, that put a bug up my ass to finally get the project done. I stopped by the hardware store and bought some eye-and-hook screws and secured the screen frames so that Mama can't push them out and escape.

She's in love.
It's been wonderful, actually. My apartment is cool enough to leave the A/C off, it smells wonderful with the breeze coming in off the ocean, and there's more natural light in my bedroom which lifts my mood considerably. Plus I can hear the waves and that's calming, particularly at night. The only downside is Porch Kitty, a stray I've been feeding for the last few months, got into a scuffle with Mama through the screen last night. I woke up around 3am to screaming and hissing. I moved his food dish so hopefully it won't happen again. They already tore the screen a tiny bit, and if a good size hole develops then how secure the frame is won't matter if Mama can escape through a tear in the screen.


  1. Nice work! But being St. Kitts, you could never turn on your AC again and STILL get an electric bill for $900!

    1. This is unfortunately very true. Y'know I heard Ram's received a bill for $42,000EC recently?