Thursday, February 2, 2012

Being silly.

My husband and I have the weirdest, funniest conversations. We've known each other for twelve years, and been together for nearly eight of that. We often just sit on Skype in silence besides making the odd "blooop!" or "meh!" noises at one another because we're just that comfortable and it's nice to just be able to see each other, even when we have nothing important to say. But occasionally we have an exchange that reminds me how much I love him. Like the one we had on Facebook tonight.

Don: Where you go when you disappear, woman?
Me: Valhalla
Don: You're an Amazon, not a Valkyrie.
Don: Nope. Mutually exclusive mythologies.

<3 We're so nerd cute.

Right now, however, I'm having an argument with my reptilian brain. You see, it is demanding sushi. I am trying to convince it that, A. We shouldn't eat out this weekend, because we ate out last weekend, and don't need to waste the money. B. We have to study, and waiting at the Marriott for an hour for sushi, albeit good sushi, is a waste of time when we have an exam on the following Tuesday.

And then my hind brain says, "But... but... Spicy tuna roll!" And it's hard to argue with that.

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