Friday, October 14, 2011

First midterm = slaughtered!

Today was third semester's first midterm in Bacteriology. I spent about a week reviewing the Powerpoints and then yesterday went back over them and took handwritten notes on the really important bits . We got our grades back within 3 hours (because Dr. Wang is wonderful) and I got a 100%! Yeah, I'd say this semester is already going much better than last semester. Although, my Pharmacology midterm is on Monday and I'm scared to death of it.

But for BacT this means that I could completely skip the lab final and get a 64% on the lecture final and still pass the class. Not that I plan on doing any of that, but it's comforting to know that if I do really poorly on one of my other upcoming exams (*cough* Pharm! *cough*) and have to sacrifice study time during finals for one class in order to make up those points, I can safely do so.


  1. Good job! How did Pharm go? And beware of Viro - as much as I adore Gyimah, his exams can trip you up!

  2. Pharm went well. 82% Viro totally got me! I don't have my score yet, but I'm betting it's a C. I love Gyimah and I aced Immuno after the first exam. He is so much more picky in Viro! I completely underestimated it.