Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 down.

I've taken three of my four midterms now. I got 100% on BacT, and 82% on both Pharm and Viro. Not too shabby, although I feel I could have done a lot better on Viro if I'd had another day to study. I had a week for BacT and three days for Pharm compared to 24 hours between my Pharm and Viro exams. I've got one midterm left in Pathology, but I've got an entire week to study for it. Still, I'm in a good place for finals. Our midterms make up approximately forty percent of our final grade so doing well on them is really important. Now I'm in a spot where I can fail three of my finals and still pass the class, so that's a huge weight off of my shoulders compared to last semester.

I dunno if you guys could tell, but I was NOT OKAY during and immediately after finals last semester. As in didn't eat or sleep for 3-4 days, pulling all nighters every night, stressed out of my mind and crying all the time. I'm trying very hard from now on to set myself up early in the semester so that I never have to go through that again.

Don is here. We went snorkeling today. It's very good to have him here, but I can't let him distract me from studying at least a little bit every day for Path.


  1. wow sounds intense good job though!! .........anyway you can spread out studying so you review more earlier? or is the information just coming along that much faster then undergrad that you can't really practically do that method?

  2. You can, and it's much smarter to review a little bit each day than to try and cram it all in right before an exam. I am just fundamentally lazy.