Friday, March 25, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

We have milk! It hasn't fully let down yet, but there is definite squidgyness underneath Mama's nipples. That means that kittens should be arriving in the next 72 hours! If I can lower the resolution on my camera to the point where video will actually upload to Blogger without being a complete, grainy mess I will certainly be filming their arrival. Otherwise, I'll just picspam the hell out of you all with screwed up, smushy kitten faces.

True fact: The amount of technical terminology a vet uses has an inverse linear relationship to their proximity to neonates.


  1. Upload to YouTube and then link to Blogger, if that will work. You can post higher res video on YouTube.

  2. Just be glad the cat is going to be raising her kittens and you won't have to do it for her.