Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I just figured up my current grades in all of my classes and what I'd need on the respective final exams in order to pass my classes. A passing grade at my university means a 70% or higher. I can fail every one of my finals with as low as a 55% and still pass.

Motivation... to study... waning...

*sigh* Stupid sense of professionalism, why won't you let me be satisfied with Cs?

On the other hand, in your FACE vet school! Wooo! Yeah, you think you're so tough? Try harder next time! j/k


  1. Hopefully this isn't a repeat, but I think blogger ate my first attempt at an introduction. Hopped here from Jen's blog (blaghag).

    Sitting pretty and knowing you'll pass even if you biff the finals is a great place to be... and sure ticked the crap out of my roomie second year when I was there!

    I am a 2005 WSU graduate, veterinarian in Washington. Friends with one of your (likely) professors, and came down to St Kitts a year ago--lots of fun to be had there! I don't have a blogger, but feel free to wander over to livejournal if you want sometime; most of my rants are about food safety lately, but lots of stories of rural veterinary life and crazy clients too.

  2. Nice to meet you! Which professor, may I ask?

  3. Dr Loftis, I think she teaches public health/epidemiology? If I recall correctly (which is often not the case!) she's a 5th-semester course...

  4. Yeah, I've heard of her, but as a 1st semester, I haven't met her yet.

  5. I may be slightly biased, but I think she rocks :)

    She is probably also involved in the "Adventure Club" activities, so you may meet her there if you are into hiking and such. She handed us into the mercy of the club for a hike to the top of the volcano when we were there. So sadistic! 2 out-of-shape, cold-weather people dropped into 80 degrees + humidity and told to climb a mountain! But it was beautiful at the top...

  6. Hahaha! Take a look at my "Language barrier" post on the bat cave hike. I can sympathize.

  7. We tried to do the bat cave also, but it had been raining like mad for 2 days, so the trail up to the cave was more of a thigh-deep rushing river.

  8. If you like bats, you need to visit Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge at sunset during mid-summer. It's outstanding!

    (...and then visit Dr. Spitz at Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hospital and tell him that Missy's mom says he's one of the best vets ever!)