Monday, March 7, 2011

Wish fulfillment.

Ever since I was little, I've loved animals. All shapes, sizes, species, be they slimy, hairy, scaly or creepy crawly. I begged my mom for a mouse when I was seven years old but she was too afraid of them. Then, on my 8th birthday, when my dad picked me up from school a little cardboard box from the pet store was waiting for me in my backseat. My dad went behind my mom's back and spoiled me with rodents. I still think that's pretty awesome.

But one pet I was never allowed to have was a cat. My dad hated them because one attacked his sister pretty bad when they were kids and my brother had allergies to them. I swore to myself that when I moved out of the house I would get a kitty! Then I moved out, but at the time I was dating my now husband, who also has cat allergies. Well, shit.

Being at Ross for two and a half years, though, I now have the opportunity to finally have a kitty, so I jumped at the first chance to do something I've always wanted; foster a pregnant cat and witness the whole shebang, from birth to adoption of the kittens into loving homes.

So, everyone, meet Mama Linda (Spanish for "Pretty Mama", since the friend who found her is Puerto Rican and has been baby-talking her in Spanish so she responds very well to it).

She's got a little bit of contact dermatitis on her neck and head, likely from a cheap, OTC topical flea and tick medication like Hartz, which is widely available here. She's about a week from popping and I promise lots of pics of the new kittens when they arrive!


  1. yes! kittens!

    Don't be afraid to start teaching them manners early. Milady let her first kitten (Zachariah B Underfoot, now about 16 lbs of solid muscle) get away with all sorts of hijinks because it was soooo cuuuute, and now he's a royal pain in the butt. Not that I'd kick him out of the house, but there are certain issues . . .