Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Week.

So it doesn't have much to do with vet med, but it has quite a bit to do with me personally and my worldview. This past week was A Week, a week where atheists were supposed to replace their Facebook profile pics with the atheist red A symbol. The UNI Freethinkers had a much better idea to put a face on atheism.

Here's my contribution. It was a spur of the moment decision at 8:30 this morning, so you get me complete with full-on bedhead, no makeup and (although undetectable over the interwebs, thankfully) righteous morning breath. The message was hastily scrawled on the back of my microanatomy notes.


  1. Man, have you been doing all of your studying on the beach, Julie? ;P

  2. Haha! My curtains are pink, yellow and orange. They make that soft, pinkish glow in the mornings.

  3. Sorry to hijack the comments here. My cat Oscar is right this minute having a cardiac ultrasound at Chester Co. Cat Hospital, W. Chester, PA. Pre-ultrasound assessments are that he might be in the early stages of heart-failure?? This has been a devastating shock to say the least. He was taken in this morning for something completely unrelated. He's only 7 years old and quite simply my GF's best friend in the whole world. She's in pieces right now.

    Where can a lay person like me go for the best science-based expertise / explanation online? Yours - a very concerned Kitty owner. Again, sorry to jump all over the comments like this. :(

  4. Oh dear. Okay, so Merck and Dorland's medical dictionary are both good places to get factual definitions and explanations of clinical signs/symptoms, treatments, etc. As for expertise, I'm sorry but I don't have a resource that I can link you to where you can ask questions and get reliable answers. Good luck!