Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why hello, there!

Just as a lighthearted update (unless you're an arachnobobe, I guess) from the last post...

I went to put on my dress for Mr. Ross tonight and found a little something extra.

I got a tupperware container out of the kitchen and scooped him up, but he was very lethargic. Normally Huntsman spiders are very fast and hard to catch. This guy just let me do as I pleased with him and didn't even barely move. I think he probably got into the insecticide Terminex sprays around the perimeter on his way in and was slowly dying in my apartment.

Either way, I let him go outside. Hopefully he'll recover and go on to eat many centipedes.

With my hand for size comparison.

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  1. Well I no longer want to go to Ross, now . . .