Monday, January 21, 2013

Hell week begins.

This week I have my first spay on Wednesday (so nervous!) and I start my emergency rotation today.  It's a week long and requires two people on call and two people in the ICU for each of two shifts. My group has eight people, which means we'll each have a shift every day for a week. Have I mentioned that I hate emergency medicine? I like sleep and I like a schedule and structure. Emergency has none of those things. I'm basically going to get through this and then never even think about emergency ever again.

The lights came back on at my place yesterday. Yaay! I slept a lot.

My mom reminded me that I haven't posted pics of my foster cat Melody yet. So here ya go.

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  1. When Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo) tells him her folks have also decided to come, it’s all “the more the merrier” in Clark’s eyes. He’s so excited about this particular Christmas because he’s planning to tell Ellen and his kids, Virginia Vacations