Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clinical placement.

We obtained our clinical placements yesterday. This girl will be going to University of Illinois!!!

While I'm still bummed to be so far from Don, I am very happy that I will be close to home. My mother lives three hours away from Urbana, and I have friends very close by as well. One of whom is helping me scope out apartments today as he's visiting his girlfriend who lives in Urbana. And Don can always fly into Chicago once in awhile and we can spend a few days together.

This semester is still kicking my ass. We were assigned our sheep and donkeys for morning and afternoon SOAPS (which stands for subjective objective assessment and plan). Basically we do a full physical exam on a sheep and a donkey twice a day and record our findings in their chart. It's exhausting, as we have to be on campus as early as 6am and leave as late as 6pm most days. That's on top of our lectures, labs and surgeries. A few professors have made jokes about us all having gray hair and no energy or motivation left at the end of this semester. I can definitely see that already, and it's only week 2.


  1. The U of I has a tenant union and you can get a list of pet friendly apartments as well as complaints lodged about different landlords/apartments.

    I hope you like UIUC! And not to be a bummer, but enjoy the sun while you can. It's 15 degrees Fahrenheit right now and it's not expected to go above 19. :(

    1. Thanks! I'm looking into the Town & Country apartments. I actually really like the cold and snow, but I grew up a midwest girl.

  2. Congratulations! I've heard good things about Illinois! So exciting!