Saturday, April 21, 2012

On to 5th!

Yesterday was torture. I was sitting in the SKB airport, continuously refreshing the page on myRoss where our grades would be posted. Even though they say grades will be up at noon on Saturday, they're always up on Friday afternoons. The time varies in a window between 12-5:30pm, but usually it's on the earlier side. So when by 2:20 grades still weren't posted and my flight was starting to board, I knew I wouldn't be able to check again until I reached my hotel room in Miami, as the Miami International Airport doesn't have free wireless. We landed, I got a shuttle to my  hotel, checked in, and once inside my room I threw my bags down and attacked my laptop with the internet access key they gave me at the front desk.

It's not that I thought I'd failed out. I didn't. I knew I'd at least passed everything. It's just that I went into finals with four A's and one B and I didn't want to come out with all C's. Most of my finals were pretty brutal. Surprisingly so in some cases, because those classes are usually ones that I excel in.

But to my surprise I came out with remarkably good scores!

A - Epidemiology
A - Pharmacology II
B+ - Clinical Pathology
B+ - Pathology II
B - Mechanisms of Disease

That last B is because I totally blew off the second MoD exam and only studied like 8 hours beforehand and got a C. Totally my fault and it is the only C I received on anything all semester long. My cumulative GPA is a 3.63 this semester, which means I am on the Dean's List for the first time since I started vet school! It's long overdue and due to my own laziness and the slight touch of mental illness I experienced last semester.

And now I get to start my break on cloud nine, and go on a road trip to move to an exciting new state with my husband.

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