Sunday, April 8, 2012

7 days...

The one week countdown to finals has begun. I'm kind of resentful that I also have two exams this week when I need to be studying for finals.

As usual, even if you start studying weeks before finals, there is just no way to fit in everything you have to review as well as keep up with old material. Something's gotta be on the chopping block. Last semester it was Pathology I for me, and this semester it's looking like it's going to be Pathology II again. I've got a really strong A in that class and only need a 30% on the final to pass. Basically it's looking like I'm going to study the night before that exam. It took me from an A to a B last semester when I did the same thing, but c'est la vie.

Not panicking this semester, though. The highest grade I need on any of my finals is a 57% in Pharm II. Everything else is 39% or below. There's virtually no danger of me failing out, and if I keep going with the same steam I've had studying Pharm II, there's little danger of me repeating, either. The final is 20-30% old material, which I rocked on the midterm and still remember most of so a brief refresher the night before the exam should be sufficient to allow me to ace those questions.

Anyway, thought I'd check in and predominantly let my mom, who I know reads this blog, know that I'm okay. I'm not freaking out. I'll be fine this semester, no worries. And now some pictures of MJ, my latest adorable foster cat.

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