Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitten down.

So little Hulk, the runt of the litter, isn't doing so well. Yesterday when I came home from class I checked on Mama and the kittens as per usual and when I picked up Hulk his belly seemed very distended. I flipped him over and he had some bruises on his abdomen. He is very constipated and not responding to my attempts to stimulate him. His appetite is still excellent, as evidenced by the video in the previous entry. He's the one slapping the shit out of his much larger brother.

I dropped everyone off at the clinic earlier this morning and they'll attempt to get little Hulk's bowels working. However, it's also possible that there's nothing that can be done and we'll have to put him to sleep. Fingers crossed, ya'll!

ETA: Hulk wasn't constipated at all. His belly was so swollen and bruised because, get this, he's eating too much. This little fool actually gorged himself until blood vessels in his abdomen burst! His name is now officially changed to Roman. Oh well, at least the little freak is holding his own amongst siblings that are twice his size.

One good thing came out of this trip, though. One of the technicians at the clinic wants to adopt a kitten! She's got her eye on Roman's brother, Andre (as in "The Giant") and I'm supposed to give her a call once they're weaned.


  1. There are a lot of conditions that don't hinder development in the womb but then after birth, a seemingly healthy animal (including human animals) will turn out to have something devastating :-( I hope Hulk pulls through.

  2. =( fingers crossed he gets better

  3. *whew* So his sibling was just telling him to knock it off he'd had enough? Bartender kitty!