Friday, April 22, 2011


I had my last final yesterday morning. It went horribly. Any future Rossies reading this, you will love and hate Animal Nutrition. It's a really interesting and at times fun class, but the first and final exams have large sections written by a certain unmentioned professor that are comparable to learning the material in English and being tested on it in Greek. Be forewarned.

I went into finals with really good grades and confident, and now I'm on edge, honestly waiting for tomorrow when grades will be posted in a state of near-vomitous anxiety. We all are. My roommates and I had a potluck get together last night with friends, and it's all anyone could talk about. None of us are what you might consider bad students, party-ers or slackers, we all went in doing okay-to-good in all of our classes, and after those exams we ALL are convinced that we failed everything and are going home.

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