Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Apologies for the lack of stimulating science-y posts and/or adorable kitten photo dumps. Next week is finals week so I'm alternating between manic study binges and long, unproductive bouts of watching Castle. Every time I start freaking out at how little time is left and the sheer amount of information we'll be tested on I just open up the Word document I made tabulating all of my exams scores, etc. and what grades I need on my finals to get an A, a B or pass. The highest grade I need in order to pass any of my classes is a 54%. The lowest is a 38%. I know I'll at least move on to next semester, but I need to maintain a 3.0 to remain head student researcher on my study.

Which reminds me, over break I need to work on my grant proposal, so no rest for the... motivated? The preliminary literature review I've put together has been predictably frustrating. Not only is there virtually nothing available on handling stress in lab rats, what studies there have been are focused on raising neonates with regular handling vs. unhandled. Which, while interesting and may provide me some useful information for my abstract, isn't exactly what I need. Finding documented, objective measures of stress in rats is also proving pretty fruitless.

My evidence-based medicine club is coming along, slowly but surely. I have two faculty members who are interested in sponsoring/being involved. I just got the email from my class reps on how to go about starting a new club, which I'll have to read through after finals.

Gaahhh! Stress!


  1. Hey Julie! I found your blog while doing some google searches about Ross to prepare for my move. I was recently accepted into Ross and will be starting in Sept. I enjoyed reading your blog. It has helped ease some on my anxiety about coming to Ross. I look forward to seeing you around campus and being apart of your evidence-based medicine club. Thanks again for sharing. Renee

  2. Glad to have helped! Reading Ross student blogs was also something that helped me a lot before I came down here. :)