Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adoption fair.

Today was the first adoption fair hosted by P.A.W.S. (People for Animal Welfare on St. Kitts). Being a mostly student-run operation it was held on campus. My roommate, Jamie, has been hell-bent on getting a cat since we arrived here, so of course we were there 45 minutes early so she could get the literal pick of the litter. She immediately gravitated toward a tiny, orange tabby kitten. Originally we were going to name whatever cat we got Brinley, after the local rum produced on St. Kitts, but Jamie kept pronouncing it Brimley, so that became our new kitty's name instead.

Amanda (my other roommate) and I will be fostering a dog as soon as P.A.W.S. gets a cat-friendly dog in. Amanda will likely wind up adopting whatever dog we foster, but I will continue to foster until my time on the island is up. I've been fostering through E.A.R.P.S. exotic animal rescue for the last six years or so and realized only months before leaving for St. Kitts that I would no longer be able to do so. I miss it. Fostering is extremely rewarding work for those who have the ability to do so without getting irreparably attached and adopting every animal they take in. Watching a foster gain weight and a healthy skin/coat, grow more confident and comfortable with human interaction and eventually seeing a new owner's face light up when they lay eyes on their new pet for the first time and knowing that all of your hard work has paid off in a happy ending is truly one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Here are some pictures from today.

Doggies lined up, waiting for their forever homes.


This is Jane Doe, a hit by car case. She had a fractured scapula and humerus, as well as some pretty severe road rash. That's an external stabilizer on her shoulder.

This is Beau. He decided that my lap was the place to be and had no intention of getting up to pose for a picture. He was adopted later by another student.

A group of local school children came by to learn the proper way to approach a dog and how to pet dogs and cats. That's Jamie with her new kitten, Brimley.



  1. Call me clueless, but I didn't even know one could foster animals! Wow. That does sound like a really rewarding experience, though, and it's really cool that you've been doing it so long!

  2. I love fostering. It can be hard, and definitely takes a certain type of personality, but it's so rewarding. I've only ever had one "failed foster", what we call animals we adopt ourselves, but I've fostered an animal for up to eight months before they found a home.