Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orientation week, continued.

They're keeping us busy this week! But as of today we're all officially Ross University first semester students, with IDs, registration and financial aid settled. Tomorrow we have a tour of downtown and a trip out to Reggae Beach. This isn't a particularly involved entry, it's mostly just a photo dump.

Yesterday we went to Brimstone Hill Fortress. Along the way we stopped at the ruins of a sugar cane factory and a botanical garden.

First monkey sighting!
The last sugar cane processing factory to close in St. Kitts.
Huge drums where they heated the sugar cane.
This place closed less than a decade ago (I think) and look how quickly the jungle is reclaiming its territory.
The botanical gardens were gorgeous.
The tree in the background is over 300 years old.
Brimstone Hill Fortress.
We had a "leadership development" task during orientation where we were assigned to groups and given the task of building a cage out of cardboard boxes, paper and tape. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I managed to bully my group into building a rat cage.

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