Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First hurdle, cleared.

This past Monday was our first exam. It was in Microanatomy and Embryology, and it covered cytology, gametogenesis, early embryonic development and histology of connective tissue and muscle. This was it; the test that would set the tone for the rest of our lives, that would determine if we could hack vet school, if we'd make it through and go on to be future DVMs. We were all so anxious. Every single person around me was a bundle of nerves Monday morning. My hand was shaking as I filled out my scantron. Last night and this morning we were frantically refreshing our online grades webpage, desperate to know how we scored.

I got a 96%, which was the highest grade in my class. Looks like I'm gonna be okay.


  1. Julie,

    After my comment at ABCotD I came straight here and I was impressed with your insights. My apologies for taking offense.

    I didn't realize veterinary medicine was full of quackery. Are there veterinary homeopaths? Glad you're fighting that.

  2. There are. In fact I lost my first job as a vet tech because I opposed the holistic treatments being done.