Thursday, April 18, 2013

Transition ceremony.

When you get to Ross as a 1st semester, there is a White Coat Ceremony that marks your beginning as a student of veterinary medicine. At the end of 7th semester, there is a Transition Ceremony, that marks your move from didactic learning into the clinical portion of your education. Our transition ceremony was last Thursday. We all expected more tears, although there were a few, but mostly from professors. It was a joyous, upbeat, positive ceremony.

Again, it was emphasized that our semester has been a special one. They tell every incoming semester that by the end you'll all be family, but our semester has really taken that to a whole other level. We've been told numerous times that there's just something about us that is closer, warmer, and our bond is stronger, than most others that have come through Ross. Dr. Dascanio, before our final exam on Monday, told us that there has only ever been one other class with which he's felt as close. I'm going to miss these people terribly, but I haven't cried yet. That will probably happen at Lobsterfest tomorrow evening, when I'm saying my last goodbyes to everyone.

98 names. Our class started with 137 students. Only 50 out of this 98 were a part of our incoming class in January 2011. You hear things about the rate of attrition at Ross. This is proof.
My personalized instrument pack.
Bandage scissors with my initials on them.
Dr. Kenyon. His parting words to us were, "Milk clean, dry teats!"
Dr. Fuentealba! She's been our biggest cheerleader since 1st semester. She calls us her "Greenie babies."
Dr. Nibblett. She is always such a snazzy dresser!
The last remaining four of our original orientation group. There were seven of us when we started first semester.
Vanessa, Laura, Michelle and me. I *loved* Michelle's dress.
Laura wanted to strike a "Mad Men pose."
Elly's really light!
Jess, Laura, Vanessa, me and Elly with Dr. Wallace.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the RUSVM class of May 2014!

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